Buffalo Bayou Tour


Buffalo Bayou Tour


Come with us to experience one of the finest urban parks in the world!  This fun, adventurous, and informative tour incorporates Bayou City history, architecture, wildlife and a visit to our new visitor center!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you provide bikes?
Yes, we work with Bike Barn to provide bikes and helmets for your tour.

Can I bring my own bike?
Yes, but we will not be responsible for repairs or maintenance.

Can I bring kids?
Yes, kids are allowed on the Buffalo Bayou Tour as Bike Barn has children's bikes.

How do I pay?
Please complete all credit card payments via our website booking system.  If you only have cash or check, please let us know and we will accommodate.  

What should I bring?
Wear comfortable clothes and be sure to bring your ID and money for any stops.

What is your rain policy?
We ride rain or shine unless rain is extreme or there is lightning.

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